Isabel's Hope Endowment

As I was working on recording and just reflecting on the blessing it is that God is allowing me to do this project, I really felt a strong sense  that He wanted me to use a portion of my CD sales to give back in some way.  It became clear to me a few weeks ago that God wanted me to help our dear friends, Mark and Randa Rineer with the foundation they started in memory of their daughter, Isabel.  It is a cause very dear to Matt's and my heart as well, as we have also experienced the pain of losing our son, Braydon in 2007.  Mark and Randa were there for us in our hurt and walked through it with us.  There are no words to express our thanks to them.  Please take a few minutes and read what Isabel's Hope Endowment is all about.  These families need all the support they can get in their time of pain and loss.  Thank you....

The mission of Isabel's Hope Endowment is to provide hope for women and families who have been given a potentially handicapping and/or fatal diagnosis for their unborn child.

Throughout the country, thousands of children and their families face hardships caused by genetic and chromosomal abnormalities. Many women and their families suffer physical, emotional and financial needs during these crisis pregnancies.

After several years of trying to conceive, Mark & Randa Rineer were overjoyed to learn that their firstborn child was on it's way. Five months into the pregnancy they received devastating news. This child would not likely live beyond birth due to complications from Trisomy 18, a rare, but fatal chromosomal abnormality. the diagnosis immediately placed them in extreme emotional, financial and physical distress.

Once community members learned of this couple's tragic news, they started to walk with them spiritually, emotionally and financially through the final four difficult months of their pregnancy. This incredible outpouring of support gave the Rineers' the strength to welcome Isabel Cate into the world on February 17, 2001 and to say good-bye to her 37 hours later.

Although blessed with a tremendous amount of support and resources, Isabel's life heightened her parent's awareness of the unmet needs of those in similar circumstances. The Isabel Cate Rineer Memorial Endowment in Perinatology through Penn State/Milton S. Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine seeks to ensure that the many physical & emotional needs will be met for individuals who choose to see their pregnancies through to a natural conclusion. Funds shall be used to provide for family resources, education and research in the area of perinatology.

Isabel's Hope Endowment is currently working on their website.  You can visit them on their Facebook page at this link!/pages/Isabels-Hope-Endowment/146357152094994?sk=info